The MakerSpace is where collaboration starts. Everyone who rents a space at Contact Amsterdam can join us in a shared MakerSpace where various machines are accessible. These facilities give us the opportunity to experiment together and learn from each other to improve our skills.

Machines that live in the MakerSpace:

  • 3D printer
  • Lasercutter
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Large CNC milling machine
  • Small milling machine
  • Wood working table
  • Metal lathe
  • Compressor
  • Embroidery/Sewing machine
  • Combo table/Miter saw
  • Belt sander
  • Variable wood lathe
  • Various tools and gear

We start off with a basic partly self-built set in collaboration with Alex Schaub (Fabguru). Additional machinery will follow soon.

Join our creative makers collective and schedule a tour around Contact Amsterdam here.


We believe that creatives and business can empower each other, and need each other to reach their full potential. Being a mixture of CAWA tested creatives and startup business, we can learn from each other. Because we’re all in the same building, it’s easy to share and combine our knowledge.

With the engineer experts of Royal HaskoningDHV in the same building with emerging creatives and ambitious startups, our community has the potential to surprise with collaborative creativity.


At Contact Amsterdam we let boundaries blur. We connect craftsmanship and technology, the old and the new, the nostalgic and the futuristic, the manual to the virtual and beyond. We believe that when different disciplines merge, the possibilities are endless.

Put a furniture maker, a filmmaker, a programmer, a fashion designer, a painter, a hacker and an architect together, who knows what will happen! With artist studio’s and startup offices underneath one roof, everything is possible.


What’s a collaborative platform without an informal meeting point to brainstorm with likeminded innovators, while enjoying a great lunch or having a beer? And what is a creative hub without a place to showcase the results of our experiments and projects? Luckily, Contact Amsterdam has both.

Cafe Contact and Podium Contact are both for the creatives of our platform and inhabitants of Amsterdam West. Our community has a programmer who organizes events to fuel our community and create buzz around our projects.


Contact Amsterdam is a circular platform in two ways. In our community we have access to the tools to be part of the entire process of our creations; from the concept development and the design process, to the actual production. Secondly, the building is being renovated with recycled materials and a circular building platform is founded especially for Contact Amsterdam.

Our platform’s goal is to become energy neutral, by placing solar panels on the roof and handling our waste efficiently. We want to set an example in sustainability for other creative hubs.

We enjoy meeting new people

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